New Construction at the Resort!

Hey everyone! Just a quick few updates as to what is going on here at the resort!

New Swimming Pool Area

There have been many great additions to the pool area in the past few months. We have upgraded the new surface, increased the pool size, added a new baby pool, new cabanas and more. We have some newly constructed building with cool roofs that have been built using some of the best commercial roofing contractors in the world, using the best materials and technologies available (click here to learn more about these technologies and how it can keep you cool!)

There are many new additions to the entire resort as well, not just the pool area.

New Game Area

We have added all kinds of new games to the area outside, including:

  • Cornhole, which is also known as bean bag toss. A great game to play overall with friends or alone if you want to practice.
  • The frisbee golf, ‘Can Jam’ game, which is also a party favorite and great for anyone who wants to test their skills in throwing Frisbees. There are many different settings you can use which makes the game very exciting.
  • Pool Table, which of course is a classic, and you also get to test strategy and skill against anyone in the entire resort.
  • Card Games. Any card game you choose, we have the decks for it.

    In addition to the new game area and pool buildings, we have also construction a partially new hotel, which is set to open in a few years. Of course this is going to be grandiose and amazing, which we hope will provide an amazing experience, both in lodging and dining for our guests. Regardless of where you’re coming from or your walk of life, we have a place for you, which is why we have so many customized options.

We are looking forward to continuing to grow and develop and thank you so much for reading!