The swimming area at our resort

Hello everybody, it has been a while since we have posted for you guys but we are back today with one more article to share with you today. We will be covering the subject of the swimming area/the pool at our resort.

As everybody knows, here in Greece gets very hot and sometimes the beaches get too crowded to go have fun at. That is why we have an amazing pool here that you can enjoy when it is a 100+ degree day. We get a lot of those here at our resorts and we have the perfect pool to match It.

We actually have five different swimming pools all across the resort and each one is roughly the same size coming in at 100′ x 200′. These are  fully equipped infinity pools with a glass edging that you can look through and see the ocean from. It is truly a beautiful sight to see and we encourage it you swimming one of these pools because they are heated to just the perfect temperature. Each one is set at 88° so you can walk right in that water and not feel  Cold at all.

Each pool has a giant hot tub located in the center right behind the living area. That is right there is a living room area that has a concrete walkway right into the middle of the pool. We stand up for this because no other resort has anything like this.

The building these pools was quite a project and it is something that took about a year under construction to finish. These were huge things for us and we have to thank the guys at pool resurfacing San Diego for flying all the way from America to come build the special projects for us here.

These pools have attracted tens of thousands of new visitors to our hotel every year since we put them up about five years ago. We have seen the biggest Verizon business in these last five years then we have in the last 50. A nice swimming area with luxury pool deck really speaks something about a resort. People love to go lay out and tan  in the sun without having to lay on the beach and get blasted by sand. This has really brought a way for people to swim and relax at the same time.

If you ever come to a resort we definitely recommend that you check out the pools and hot tubs because they will make your stay 10 times better than it usually it would be. We will have on the site waiters to take your order for any alcoholic beverage or meal that you want while you’re lounging around as well. We also offer  and outside private massage service to go with your stay.

once again everyone, thank you for visiting our blog website and we hope to see you in the future.