New Addition to our Location

Hey guys! As you already know, our Swimming Pool is totally up and running. It has been for quite some time and we detailed in our other post a few months ago. Our guest have been absolutely loving that! We keep the pool at about 79 degrees, so it’s just about perfect for most people most time of the year.

One thing that we can say is a big thank you to everyone who helped make it possible. As you know, we have a great relationship with our friends in Sacramento and absolutely love that city. When we were looking for contractors to bid our the swimming pool construction, we traveled a little further south and met with Fresno Concrete Contractors, who actually ended up doing most of the work for us. As you can tell it was a great job and we were really happy with their work.

Next Project

The next project we are going to be working on is an even larger pool if you can imagine that. It is inspired by a Roman bath, over 3000+ years old and we will trying to be replicating that same concept. It’s a very expensive project to be taking on, but we think it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for our guests and for our visitors.

We want to be world class, and want to provide you with the best resort experience which is why we are constantly investing in our infrastructure and resources as well as providing the best entertainment in the world. We are always open to our visitors and customers requests, which is why we have created this site to interact with you all and hear what you have to say. As always, if you have any feed back, we welcome it either by you coming by the office or just dropping us a quick email on the blog, on social media or giving us call if you so wish. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you connect with us soon!