The accommodations at the asprovalta Resort

The resort picture

Hello everybody and we are back with yet another post for you guys and today we are going to be talking about all the amenities and accommodations that we offer here at our resort. We offer many accommodations here. Some of them are swimming, biking, Jetske’s, boats, snorkeling, live bands, restaurants, and many more things. There is so much that we offer because we are in all inclusive resorts which means everything comes in one package. That means that when you get a hotel room with us, you will not have to pay extra for  any of the accommodations. Isn’t that amazing? We thought the answer would be yes.

let’s go into a couple of the accommodations in debth.

First we have our wave runners. That is an awesome attraction that we offer. Unfortunately, this one does have an extra cost to it, but that is because these are very expensive to run. It is the most popular attraction at our resort.

Next to combination that we offer is unlimited wining and dining. This being an all inclusive resorts, we offer everything into one fixed price. That means you can go to the restaurant and eat as many times as you want what ever meals you want and it is all included with your room.  That is something that sounds amazing especially for you people that love to eat a lot of food. You can really rack up a large food bill at any of the resort that is exclusive because you might pay $100 every night to eat while with us you don’t pay a dime.

Another amenity is we have 16 luxury massage spas around our resort. That comes with a free mud bath a free massage, hot tub, Jim, hot stone massage, and everything else you can think of that has to do with the spa. You can  literally come in and get a massage every day you were here if you wanted. It is all included with the one fixed price. At other resorts, a private masseuse is going to run you about $100 an hour. Now imagine a two hour massage every day for five days. That would end up costing you just $1000 and massage but we don’t do that to you because we believe in treating our  is the right way.

Another accommodation that we offer is complementary chocolates every time room service changes your sheets. Every time room service comes in during the morning to change the sheets and clean up your room, they will always leave one chocolate for each bed. This is that morning and at night see two per day. These chocolates  are imported all the way from Belgium because we want to make sure that you only get the finest chocolate in the world.

The last amenity we are going to share is that we offer free complementary room service that is bottomless. You can literally order as much room service as you want because this has to do with the unlimited food policy. It is like going on a cruise because all food is free. It’s not completely free because it has to do with your ticket but is going to save you a bunch of money  cause you don’t have to pay for each meal individually. And we all know how expensive room service can get especially in the wee hours of the night.

now that we have explained all the amenities and accommodations that we offer our resorts, we know hope you will come join us sometime this year. We will make sure to take care of your every wish and pamper you to make you feel like you’re on a real vacation because that’s what everybody deserves.

if you would like to book a room for our resort please go visit one of the major travel sites we recommended that you choose because it is going to give you the best price by comparing all the different travel sites together.