New Construction at the Resort!

Hey everyone! Just a quick few updates as to what is going on here at the resort!

New Swimming Pool Area

There have been many great additions to the pool area in the past few months. We have upgraded the new surface, increased the pool size, added a new baby pool, new cabanas and more. We have some newly constructed building with cool roofs that have been built using some of the best commercial roofing contractors in the world, using the best materials and technologies available (click here to learn more about these technologies and how it can keep you cool!)

There are many new additions to the entire resort as well, not just the pool area. Continue reading “New Construction at the Resort!”

The swimming area at our resort

Hello everybody, it has been a while since we have posted for you guys but we are back today with one more article to share with you today. We will be covering the subject of the swimming area/the pool at our resort.

As everybody knows, here in Greece gets very hot and sometimes the beaches get too crowded to go have fun at. That is why we have an amazing pool here that you can enjoy when it is a 100+ degree day. We get a lot of those here at our resorts and we have the perfect pool to match It.

We actually have five different swimming pools all across the resort and each one is roughly the same size coming in at 100′ x 200′. These are  fully equipped infinity pools with a glass edging that you can look through and see the ocean from. It is truly a beautiful sight to see and we encourage it you swimming one of these pools because they are heated to just the perfect temperature. Each one is set at 88° so you can walk right in that water and not feel  Cold at all.

Each pool has a giant hot tub located in the center right behind the living area. That is right there is a living room area that has a concrete walkway right into the middle of the pool. We stand up for this because no other resort has anything like this.

The building these pools was quite a project and it is something that took about a year under construction to finish. These were huge things for us and we have to thank the guys at pool resurfacing San Diego for flying all the way from America to come build the special projects for us here.

These pools have attracted tens of thousands of new visitors to our hotel every year since we put them up about five years ago. We have seen the biggest Verizon business in these last five years then we have in the last 50. A nice swimming area with luxury pool deck really speaks something about a resort. People love to go lay out and tan  in the sun without having to lay on the beach and get blasted by sand. This has really brought a way for people to swim and relax at the same time.

If you ever come to a resort we definitely recommend that you check out the pools and hot tubs because they will make your stay 10 times better than it usually it would be. We will have on the site waiters to take your order for any alcoholic beverage or meal that you want while you’re lounging around as well. We also offer  and outside private massage service to go with your stay.

once again everyone, thank you for visiting our blog website and we hope to see you in the future.

New Addition to our Location

Hey guys! As you already know, our Swimming Pool is totally up and running. It has been for quite some time and we detailed in our other post a few months ago. Our guest have been absolutely loving that! We keep the pool at about 79 degrees, so it’s just about perfect for most people most time of the year.

One thing that we can say is a big thank you to everyone who helped make it possible. As you know, we have a great relationship with our friends in Sacramento and absolutely love that city. When we were looking for contractors to bid our the swimming pool construction, we traveled a little further south and met with Fresno Concrete Contractors, who actually ended up doing most of the work for us. As you can tell it was a great job and we were really happy with their work.

Next Project

The next project we are going to be working on is an even larger pool if you can imagine that. It is inspired by a Roman bath, over 3000+ years old and we will trying to be replicating that same concept. It’s a very expensive project to be taking on, but we think it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for our guests and for our visitors.

We want to be world class, and want to provide you with the best resort experience which is why we are constantly investing in our infrastructure and resources as well as providing the best entertainment in the world. We are always open to our visitors and customers requests, which is why we have created this site to interact with you all and hear what you have to say. As always, if you have any feed back, we welcome it either by you coming by the office or just dropping us a quick email on the blog, on social media or giving us call if you so wish. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you connect with us soon!

Our favorite city in the world


We are back to this amazing blog once again to share something special with you guys like we always do. We have a special close today and we will be talking about our favorite city to travel too. Today we will be talking about the city of Sacramento because it is undoubtedly a beautiful city. There is nothing else that matches up to Sacramento California because of many different reasons. You have the amazing water parks, the wine country, the awesome people, etc.

One thing that Sacramento has that nobody else does is there food is absolutely amazing. We think that there is no other city on earth that has restaurants quite like Sacramento guys. There are a lot of mom-and-pop restaurant to Sacramento rather than big chains, see you get a lot of the local feel and what Sacramento food tastes like. didn’t the best sandwich shops, coffee shops, bar and grills, hibachi restaurants, and everything else under the sun. We really love them or their lunch areas though. For example, there are a lot of food carts in Sacramento that are available for getting lunch at and they have the most amazing food that you have ever tasted in your life! One bite of my sandwich from one of their food carts and you will die inside because the taste will just be so overwhelming.

Another thing that Sacramento is great for is it Pool service. The pool services in Sacramento are absolutely amazing because the company is doing at such an affordable price. A few of us you on this blog also own a house each in Sacramento and our house is at pools. The last time one of us needed our pool service done we made sure to call pool service Sacramento CA because they are one of the best pool cleaning companies in the whole Sacramento area. They have done service for thousands of people in the local area and they have a reputation for excellence and quality. We would definitely recommend him if you get a pool installed in Sacramento. So remember to give them a call if you’re ever in that predicament.

The last thing that Sacramento is great for is it wine country. They have some of the most beautiful wine country you will ever see around the world. It is so luscious and green and full of life. When you see their wine country it will turn your frown upside down because it is just that breathtaking of the site. Speaking of wine country, Sacramento is a very good state for wine tours because it has the most vineyards per square mile of any other city or country on this planet. They literally have over 150 different vineyards in their vicinity. You’ll also find the best tasting wine in the world in Sacramento’s wine country. One of us was traveling to their wants and we tasted the most amazing bottle of Merlot that possibly was ever created. It was a $3000 bottle of wine I had been aged for 10 years. The wine was literally like liquid gold it was so smooth. None of us are wine connoisseurs or anything but we know a good tasting wine when we see it for actually taste it.

So that is all we have for today about the beautiful city of Sacramento California. We hope that what we have shared with you today can help you in your journeys with traveling to cool places around this planet. We highly recommend that you go see Sacramento as soon as you can. Again everybody, thanks and have a wonderful day!

The greatest locations in the world to travel to

Vacation destinations

Hello every person, and we are back at it with one more post for you people. Today we would like to talk about best places meaning destinations to travel to in all of the world. Today is a little bit of a different post because we are not talking about the resort specifically. Today we just wanted to talk about general travel and give you some advice on what would be the best places to travel to.

We have developed a list of the best destinations in the world and we will explain each option in detail.

  •  Fiji-Fiji is one of the worlds most renowned vacation spots because of its amazing activities, culture, and weather. There is no place really like Fiji because it has its own essence. It is almost like Fiji is it’s own world.  When you are there, everything about reality just completely slips away. You are so relaxed when you’re vacationing there that you literally can’t think of any of the problems that are in your life, you feel just like you are completely free from everything this is one of most relaxing spots to vacation in the world because of its weather. The climate in Fiji something that is sunny year-round but not too hot not too cold. It is at that just right type of temperature that is about 75° and sunny every single day. No how about that? Wouldn’t you like to go to Fiji now?
  •  Alaska-believe it or not, Alaska is one of the most elegant places in the world. This is a vacation spot that is more for the summertime because in the winter there is no daylight in Alaska. In the  winter there is about four hours of late every single day, so you will not have any time to do any fun activities. On the contrary, in the summertime Alaska has 23 hours of sunlight every day, which means you can spend a good amount of time doing fun activities outside. Best part about Alaska is it’s beautiful   Scenery because they have luscious green forests just like the state of Oregon. If you are a fisherman, Alaska is the perfect place to go because they have the best salmon fishing in all over the world. If you were to take a raft down a running River, you  would see hundreds of king salmon that are each over 100 pounds. That is record-breaking right there if you were to catch one of those. Imagine how much food that would give somebody. That is just from one fish.  For all those reasons, Oscar is one of the most amazing places you could ever visit in the world. If you ever get the chance to go to Alaska, we recommend that you take it because you will never experienced anything like it.

all of this information may be true about these two locations but we think that the number one place to travel to in the world is asprovalta Greece.  We don’t only think this place is the number one destination in the world because our resort is there but we think that grease in general is one of the histories most amazing locations. There is so much history and culture here in Greece and so many tourists come here every single year. The history here is rich and full of stories.  Reese has more than 5000 years of deep historical events. They’re been so many crazy things that have happened in this country especially in the Roman days. There has been so much more of this country because that beautiful. So if you’re looking for  A place that has more culture than you can even think of, then you should definitely visit here. You should also visit because of the weather, the women, the activities, and the food.

That is all we have to share with you today and we hope you loved what we had to share about these three amazing destinations. As always, remember to check back soon for more posts that will be coming to you guys.

The accommodations at the asprovalta Resort

The resort picture

Hello everybody and we are back with yet another post for you guys and today we are going to be talking about all the amenities and accommodations that we offer here at our resort. We offer many accommodations here. Some of them are swimming, biking, Jetske’s, boats, snorkeling, live bands, restaurants, and many more things. There is so much that we offer because we are in all inclusive resorts which means everything comes in one package. That means that when you get a hotel room with us, you will not have to pay extra for  any of the accommodations. Isn’t that amazing? We thought the answer would be yes.

let’s go into a couple of the accommodations in debth.

First we have our wave runners. That is an awesome attraction that we offer. Unfortunately, this one does have an extra cost to it, but that is because these are very expensive to run. It is the most popular attraction at our resort.

Next to combination that we offer is unlimited wining and dining. This being an all inclusive resorts, we offer everything into one fixed price. That means you can go to the restaurant and eat as many times as you want what ever meals you want and it is all included with your room.  That is something that sounds amazing especially for you people that love to eat a lot of food. You can really rack up a large food bill at any of the resort that is exclusive because you might pay $100 every night to eat while with us you don’t pay a dime.

Another amenity is we have 16 luxury massage spas around our resort. That comes with a free mud bath a free massage, hot tub, Jim, hot stone massage, and everything else you can think of that has to do with the spa. You can  literally come in and get a massage every day you were here if you wanted. It is all included with the one fixed price. At other resorts, a private masseuse is going to run you about $100 an hour. Now imagine a two hour massage every day for five days. That would end up costing you just $1000 and massage but we don’t do that to you because we believe in treating our  is the right way.

Another accommodation that we offer is complementary chocolates every time room service changes your sheets. Every time room service comes in during the morning to change the sheets and clean up your room, they will always leave one chocolate for each bed. This is that morning and at night see two per day. These chocolates  are imported all the way from Belgium because we want to make sure that you only get the finest chocolate in the world.

The last amenity we are going to share is that we offer free complementary room service that is bottomless. You can literally order as much room service as you want because this has to do with the unlimited food policy. It is like going on a cruise because all food is free. It’s not completely free because it has to do with your ticket but is going to save you a bunch of money  cause you don’t have to pay for each meal individually. And we all know how expensive room service can get especially in the wee hours of the night.

now that we have explained all the amenities and accommodations that we offer our resorts, we know hope you will come join us sometime this year. We will make sure to take care of your every wish and pamper you to make you feel like you’re on a real vacation because that’s what everybody deserves.

if you would like to book a room for our resort please go visit one of the major travel sites we recommended that you choose because it is going to give you the best price by comparing all the different travel sites together.

The greatest activity to do at the asprovalta resort

 Wave runner

Hi our loyal viewers and welcome back to our blog. Today will we will be talking to you about the best activity you can do at the resort. We think that that activity is boating and  writing wave runners.  Mostly waverunners though. We don’t recommend wake boarding boats as much because this is salt water and that can damage your boat.

Out of any activity you can ever do at this resort, riding a wave runner is probably the funnest thing you can possibly do. With the very large waves that come to the beach, there are a lot of places to jump your WaveRunner.  We have a selection of the most powerful Yamaha and Sea-Doo watercraft around. After passing out many surveys and doing studies, it has been shown that writing these watercraft around on the ocean around the resort  is the most popular attraction we sell.

 There is nothing like it, the acceleration, Vista real, and the speed is what gets you going. The    Fleet of waverunners that we offer accelerate so fast that they will almost toss you off the top. Ours can go from zero to max speed which is about 70 mph in four seconds. That is faster than most racecars. With 300 hp on something that weighs  about 500 pounds though, something like that is possible.  We like to make this activity affordable for everybody so we put it as a price that is not going to break your bank. At other places you might get charged of words of $500 a day to use one, which is absolutely ridiculous.

 The going rate that we charges about $150 a day and a full day is for eight hours. That is a long time on a WaveRunner, and we guarantee that you will be tuckered out by about the four hour mark. Jet skis are great if you are  Who loves something that is very fast yet you can go park on the beach to easily have a small picnic with. These are awesome because you can drive them right up onto the beach because they have no propeller, it is a simple jet propulsion engine. All you have to do when you’re done is push it right back in the water and you are ready to go!

 These vehicles are are also great if you have a family and you want to share it amongst many different people. Each person will get an hour or so on it and that is plenty of time to have a bunch of fun.  And if you are coming to this resort on a budget then each person can split up the cost a few ways making it very cheap and affordable. There are many activities you can do at this resort, but like we said before waverunners are the absolute number one favorite. Each Watercraft  gas tank can go about 200 miles as well, so you can travel way far away to maybe a different island or something of the sort.

 So if you are looking for an absolutely awesome thing you can do to have fun when you come and stay at a resort, we definitely recommend that you rent a couple waverunners from us. That is all we have for you today folks and we hope that you liked what we had to share and always remember to check that daily.

The Asprovalta resort blog

Good afternoon viewers. We are a new blog that is dedicated to sharing information about the asprovalta resort. This is a resort that is located in the Cayman Islands and it is very elegant.  It is a five star all inclusive resort that offers everything you need to have a perfect vacation in the Cayman Islands. And this blog is being written by myself who travels to this area many times a year. I thought that I would create a blog about this resort because of how much I love it and all the amazing memories I have. If you would like to know more about me visit the about me section of the site.  My name Is Jason by the way.

Here is a video that explains what the asporvslta resort is all about.

I’ve had many awesome years at this resort that have been able to provide some amazing memories for my family and die. This is a resort that has treated me with respect and like a family member ever since I started visiting it 10 years ago. They literally have the most  Beautiful view of the ocean and the most amazing activities and people.  I would recommend this vacation spot to anybody that has a little bit higher of an income and wants to stay at the greatest place on earth.

In this blog I will be sharing all the activities you can do. What to expect here in the Cayman Islands, and what the culture is like. So if you are interested in learning more about This resort, then you should stay open for more posts that are coming soon.

I thank you for listening to what I had to say today about the Asprovalta resort and wish you happy times in your traveling.